Air quality measurement.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus in closed spaces, it is essential to know the accumulation of CO2 in the environment.

Thanks to meters that record carbon dioxide data, LOGiPlatform facilitates the visualization of air quality graphs in all types of closed spaces such as restaurants, offices, gyms and educational centers and the generation of warnings when acceptable levels are exceeded.

It also allows the activation of regeneration filters or the opening of vents.

CO2 level

The coronavirus spreads through particles that originate from breathing, coughing, or speaking, so the CO2 level of an indoor space can be used to estimate whether your environment contains potentially infectious air.

The CO2 value will allow knowing if there is sufficient renewal of clean air from outside.

Depending on the concentration of CO2 (outside, the existing CO2 level is approximately 400 ppm -parts per million-) the air inside a room can be classified as follows:

  • Between 500 ppm and 700 ppm, the air inside a room would be acceptable.
  • If it reaches 800 ppm, the air quality would be inadequate and ventilation should be carried out.

Having this information is vital for ventilation to be carried out correctly, since regardless of whether ventilation occurs naturally (opening windows and doors) or is carried out by force (with ventilation systems or purifiers, with meters of CO2, the quality of the air is known at all times and when it is time to renew it.